Welcome to the First Ever Digital Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx!

Over the last few months, we’ve seen leading diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotech companies come together to develop tests, therapies and vaccines for novel coronavirus. As diagnostics are delivered to market at record-breaking speed and promising vaccine candidates come to light, are we simultaneously providing a framework for more effective delivery of life saving therapeutics to existing disease areas?

Bringing together the likes of AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Takeda and more, Digital Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx addresses the critical lessons learned both from personalized therapy case studies and the response to the pandemic, allowing your team to more effectively deliver for patients in need across existing therapeutic areas.

Whether your expertise lie in early development, clinical trials or commercial strategy, don’t miss the conversation keeping thought leaders ahead of the competition.

With 3 days dedicated to addressing the most pressing topics in the industry today, join this exclusive digital platform to discuss:

  • Lessons from COVID: What do we have to learn from the industry’s rapid response to deliver more effectively for existing pipelines?
  • Informing biomarker development with bioanalytical strategy and innovative technologies
  • Expediting clinical studies through data-driven insights: Establishing effective clinical strategies and adapting trials with reliable, actionable datapoints
  • Establishing effective partnerships across the Rx-Dx-Lx paradigm to deliver more effectively for patients: What can we learn from the collaborations of recent months?
  • Women & Diversity in Precision Medicine: Recognising the importance of female advocacy in the workplace and addressing diversity in workforces to help action change across the industry

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