12.50 | 9.50 Creating Inclusive Culture: How to Measure Inclusivity, Use Leadership Programs to Examine Company Culture and Develop and Reward Effective Leadership Behaviour

Time: 12:50 pm
day: Women & Diversity in Precision Medicine – Agenda


  • Diversity is easy to measure, but inclusivity has been harder, yet we know we can better improve when we measure. By breaking down “inclusion” to the enterprise and individual level, then looking at affiliation, acceptance and equity, belonging meaning and authenticity, we can assess overall inclusion, and a company’s progression over time
  • Women’s leadership programs can act as a powerful tool to boost inclusivity, enabling  organizations to take an introspective look at their inclusivity whilst simultaneously strengthening and broadening the skill sets of their leadership teams
  • Organizations can realize aspects of their own culture through the education and empowerment of ambassadors of inclusivity to provide constructive feedback on the day-to-day workplace environment
  • Evidence of the evolving needs of modern leadership teams: The qualities and traits most associated with successful leadership and recognizing and rewarding these qualities in your company