Women and Diversity in Precision Medicine Agenda

The digital Women & Diversity in Precision Medicine Mastermind will virtually unite all leaders of the scientific and business community, from pharma, lab, academic and Dx backgrounds to foster collaboration, advocate mentorship and derive actionable solutions to advocate for and improve inclusion across the industry.

Through illuminating presentations, dynamic panels, interactive working sessions and focussed networking, ensure you remain connected with your peers on a conversation key to accelerating progress in the fast paced precision medicine industry.

Women & Diversity in Precision Medicine – Agenda

9.00 | 6.00 Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion

9.15 | 6.15 Diversity Wins Report: How Inclusion Matters


  • A look at data from the McKinsey report, Diversity wins, on the strengthening business case for diversity and inclusion in executive teams  
  • How diversity ‘winners’ have been successfully approaching diversity and inclusion within their businesses 
  • Insight into where companies can focus efforts towards creating long-lasting inclusive culture and behaviour  

9.35 | 6.35 Diversity as a Key to Success in Biopharma


  • Access to a wider talent pool fostering innovation & productivity 
  • Culturally aware and inclusive organizational culture to support upcoming demographic changes 
  • Enhanced Geographical Reach of product and services 
  • Operationalizing I&D – Few steps  

9.55 | 6.55 Live Audience Q&A


  • Your opportunity to ask the session speakers all your burning questions  

10.10 | 7.10 Fireside Chat: Taking a Holistic Look at Diversity Within Precision Medicine

  • Kaye Foster Business Consultant, Senior Advisor and Executive Coach, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Daniel Simon Senior Vice President, BioPharma Business Development, Guardant Health


  • Diversifying one’s talent base is only the first step in thinking about diversity as part of the broader precision medicine ecosystem
  • Taking a more integrative approach across the ecosystem can help reduce structural and systemic barriers and increase diversity participation
  • Seeking value pools based on diversity can further accelerate our industry’s journey to being truly diverse, for example, identifying underserved populations and improving diversity in clinical trials

10.40 | 7.40 Break


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Career Advancement While Advocating For the Next Generation of Diverse and Inclusive Leaders 

11.10 | 8.10 Resilience and Grit

  • Shari Brown Director of Molecular Pathology, NeoGenomics Laboratories, Inc.


  • If you don’t know what you want, you probably won’t get it
  • Freeing yourself of unnecessary baggage will make you much more agile
  • Persistence and discipline are skills, not traits
  • Find inspiration in others
  • We must lift others as we climb

11:40 | 8.40 Panel Discussion: The Collective Benefits and Practical Application of Mentoring Schemes

  • Antje Hoering President & Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Research And Biostatistics
  • Carolina Haefliger Vice President Head Centre for Genomics Research, AstraZeneca
  • Sabine Hutchison Vice President Europe Chapter Board of Directors, Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association & Chief Executive Officer, Seuss+
  • Vivek Kadambi Senior Vice President, Quantitative Pharmacology & Drug Safety, Blueprint Medicines


  • Exploring the benefits of developing a balanced team perspective through diversified management and mentorship teams 
  • Establishing and implementing a leadership structure to foster inclusion across the business 
  • Inspiring curiosity and opening up conversations between your senior and junior talent. 
  • Generating strong ties throughout organizations to encourage career development 
  • Understanding and appreciating the needs of the individual: When are mentoring schemes not applicable and what options could you alternatively choose to explore?  
  • Ensuring biases are protected from younger generations to maintain these values towards equality 

12:20 | 9.20 Break


Reflect on the morning sessions and grab something to eat before we go live
again in a few moments.

Identifying Areas For Improvement and Actioning Change: What Does D&I Success Look Like? 

12.50 | 9.50 Creating Inclusive Culture: How to Measure Inclusivity, Use Leadership Programs to Examine Company Culture and Develop and Reward Effective Leadership Behaviour


  • Diversity is easy to measure, but inclusivity has been harder, yet we know we can better improve when we measure. By breaking down “inclusion” to the enterprise and individual level, then looking at affiliation, acceptance and equity, belonging meaning and authenticity, we can assess overall inclusion, and a company’s progression over time
  • Women’s leadership programs can act as a powerful tool to boost inclusivity, enabling  organizations to take an introspective look at their inclusivity whilst simultaneously strengthening and broadening the skill sets of their leadership teams
  • Organizations can realize aspects of their own culture through the education and empowerment of ambassadors of inclusivity to provide constructive feedback on the day-to-day workplace environment
  • Evidence of the evolving needs of modern leadership teams: The qualities and traits most associated with successful leadership and recognizing and rewarding these qualities in your company

13.20 | 10.20 Panel Discussion: Starting a Movement through Internal Business Influence

  • Caren Kenney Executive Director, Head Innovation & Thought Leadership,, Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute
  • Ted Harding Vice President Human Resources, Jounce Therapeutics
  • Vered Gigi Chief Scientific Officer, Cure Pharmaceuticals
  • Jane Finch Quality Assurance Specialist & Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Pfizer


  • Re-establishing internal policies and strategies to cement company values. 
  • Developing an internal communication system and networks to spark discussionawareness and create environments letting diverse individuals support each other 
  • Connecting individuals at any level in the organization by integrating infrastructure supporting development and education across the board 
  • Making a change beyond our borders: Addressing the wider industry impact of the social face of businesses 
  • Diversity and inclusion efforts to uncover and meet the unique needs and preferences of the populations whose healthcare needs businesses are looking to address 


14.00 | 11.00 Interactive Group Discussion

  • Jacqui Spencer Managing Director, Anything is Possible Ltd
  • Madhushtree Ghosh Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Projects, BioPharma Services , NeoGenomics Laboratories, Inc.


Head to the session tab to take part in a group discussion alongside your
peers. Share and discuss leadership D&I training and policies which have made a real difference in your organization.

Covid-19 And The Future Organizational Structure Of Businesses And High Performance Teams 

14.30 | 11.30 Panel Discussion: Remaining Connected During Covid

  • Jacki Dioguardi Vice President, Global Commercial, Business Technology Solutions, AbbVie
  • Avideh Nazeri Corporate Vice President Clinical Development, Medical & Regulatory Affairs Europe, Novo Nordisk
  • Edie Stringfellow Director, Diversity & Inclusion , MassBio
  • Shirin Hasan Associate Vice President, Head of Global Clinical Affairs, Agilent Technologies


  • Acknowledgement of the impacts the Covid19 pandemic has had on certain groups and on diversity and inclusion efforts within businesses  
  • Diversity and inclusion related strategies for helping businesses navigate and innovate throughout these unprecedented circumstances  
  • What can leaders do to internally support their teams in this new-normal? Recognizing the diverse needs of the workplace  
  • Remaining connected with the healthcare community: Ensuring the continued accessibility of information and forming of connections in the new virtual world to further scientific objectives 
  • Protecting the strides companies have made for diversity and inclusion before Covid19  

15.10 | 12.10 Supporting The Move Towards A Digital Workplace: Embedding Company Culture Into The Digital Setting


  • A remote working model 14 years in the making: What does data support by way of remote working? What is the good and bad of virtual working? What are the steps towards effectively transitioning into this model?  
  • Virtually navigating your business and your career: Optimizing your virtual operations and what you should be aware of as a leader to advocate for yourself and your team 
  • Insight into the emerging possibilities and opportunities virtual working presents  


15.30 | 12.30 Rebuilding Businesses Post-Covid : Utilizing this Pivotal Moment to Differentiate your Company


  • Proactively thinking about what a return to ‘work’ might look like: Economy, business, welfare and safety considerations  
  • Personalizing work for the personalized medicine community: Adapting to the needs of employees and going further than a one-size fits all approach  
  • Returning to productivity: The people and planning behind bouncing back 
  • Recognizing the opportunity to permanently change your organization: Implementing measures and behaviours as your reconfigure your company 

15.50 | 12.50 Live Audience Q&A 


  • Your opportunity to ask the session speakers all your burning questions  

16:05 | 13.05 Break


Take some time to reach out to some fellow attendees using the chat function before we head into the final interactive sessions of the day  

Realising Your Voice and Influence: Accountability for Diversity & Inclusion in Leadership Roles

16:35 | 13.35 Interactive Session: Leading with Authenticity


  •  What is authentic leadership? And what is it not.
  • Why is it important to be an authentic leader?
  • Tips around leading authentically

17.05 | 14.05 Panel Discussion: Ensuring Leaders Advocate For Diversity & Inclusion

  • Jill German Head, Roche Tissue Diagnostics
  • Palani Palaniappan Chief Innovation Officer, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
  • Jessica Riley Vice President Business Development & Companion Diagnostics, PathAI
  • Jessica Atkinson Vice President BioPharma Buisness Development, Foundation Medicine
  • Celeste Warren Vice President, Human Resources & Global Diversity and Inclusion Center of Excellence, Merck


• What mind shift change is required by leaders to “buy in” to commit to and communicate D&I objectives
• How can new leaders be supported to effectively deliver on business and D&I objectives
• What is needed from leaders to be able to lead by example and act as ambassadors for D&I
• What role has the Board of Directors for monitoring D&I progress

17.45 | 14.45 Inclusive and Empowering Leadership 

  • Omar Perez Head of Precision Medicine and Diagnostics, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Julie Ramage Director, Precision Medicine Quality Initiatives & Partnerships, AstraZeneca


  • Relating inclusive leadership to innovative work behaviour – with this a critical facilitator of growth, performance, competitiveness and long term organizational success  
  • Identifying opportunities for inclusive leadership and the practical application of inclusive management decisions in your day to day  
  • Utilizing inclusive leadership qualities to create thriving workplace cultures where all can flourish 

18:05 | 15.05 How Diversity in Scientific Leadership Teams Enables Better, Broader Problem Solving

  • Katherine Landschulz Head of Cardiovascular / Metabolic Disease, Biomarker Solution Center, Covance


• Building a highly-functioning team by seeking diversity of experiences and
• Benefits of diverse scientific teams in tackling the unique challenges and
opportunities of precision medicine
• Practical ways of sustaining and nurturing diversity within your scientific
leadership team

18:25 | 15.25 Live Audience Q+A

  • Omar Perez Head of Precision Medicine and Diagnostics, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Katherine Landschulz Head of Cardiovascular / Metabolic Disease, Biomarker Solution Center, Covance
  • Julie Ramage Director, Precision Medicine Quality Initiatives & Partnerships, AstraZeneca


  • Your opportunity to ask the session speakers all your burning questions

18.40 | 15.40 Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Online Event