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While it is well known that a diverse workforce and inclusive working environment are key drivers of innovation, profitability and the attraction of top talent, why are executive teams in healthcare so far from representative of the diverse populations they look to serve?

As we reflect upon industry progress and share critical lessons for navigating businesses through current turbulent times, join fellow decision makers utilizing this pivotal moment in history to differentiate their companies and solidify D&I as a core business objective.

Download your copy of the full event guide for:

  • Fresh thinking from a variety of leadership perspectives equipping you with the know-how to make long-positive changes to your workplace culture
  • KOL insight on leading with agility and empowering teams to drive organizations forward amidst periods of uncertainty
  • Learn, bridge-debate and share your ideas alongside like-minded leaders as part of interactive sessions, Q&As, networking and roundtables to learn, bridge-debate and share your ideas

In precision medicine, solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual. This event is dedicated to uncovering how you can recognize and meet the unique needs of your company and its individuals. Find out how your peers are approaching D&I within their organizations, and gain inspiration on how you can make a tangible difference in yours.